Solar Energy – A Key Way to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

Every year the United States generates approximately 50 per cent of its electrical power requirements from coal powered power plants. In fact most countries burn coal to create electricity with severe environmental impacts. haltonmachining

Ever heard the term “carbon footprint”? It’s “the total set of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person”. It is often expressed in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide or its equivalent of other GHGs, emitted. Burning all that coal increases our carbon footprint and coal is probably the ‘dirtiest’ form of electricity generation.

If we can reduce our reliance on coal to generate electricity we can reduce our carbon footprint provided we use renewable sources of energy to replace the coal burning generators.

How do we reduce our reliance on coal?

One excellent way is to harness energy from the sun to generate electricity. Conveniently, there is an abundance of energy available from the sun – it is continuously available during daylight hours to varying levels of energy. wrdesignprint

Solar panels are one way of harnessing that solar energy from the sun.

Imagine if every home had a solar panel generating enough electricity to replace half their requirements! That would be a lot of coal fired generators shut down. We choose to install solar panels on their homes because solar power is good for the environment – it produces no carbon footprint once the panel has been produced and requires little energy to produce.

After you have paid for your solar panels there is very little cost to electricity generation other than for routine maintenance. So you save money by having lower electricity bills – or if you install enough panels you may have NO electricity bills. Imagine!

When you install solar panels you are also adding value to your house. The National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (NAREA) estimate for every dollar you save on your energy bill annually from solar panels your home resale value will increase by $20. SO if you save $2,000 per year through one solar (a reasonably achievable target) you home should be worth $40,000 more and the cost of the solar panels necessary, if purchased commercially would be around $6,000. These numbers will grow as electricity charges inevitably increase.

There is evidence, also from NAREA, that solar powered homes will sell faster than others. So why wouldn’t you install solar panels to make a sale more certain or to speed up the likelihood of a sale.

Even with government subsidies commercially available solar panels are rather expensive energy and few people have been able to afford the technology.

While this is changing as subsidies improve, why not accept my challenge – if you are half way useful as a home handyman, have a crack at making your own panels. Its not difficult, can be a lot of fun and the satisfaction of a great achievement is high.

If you have enough panels and are generating sufficient energy to sell some back to your electricity generator you might even have a small source of income. As governments pressurize generators to use more renewable energy sources they will increasingly come to the party.

We suggest you have a chat to your current (excuse the pun!) electricity provider and understand your options to sell back. Just remember that now is the time for alternative clean energy options – there are many government and industry programs available to help. Like tax breaks, rebates and low-interest loans. For more info please visit these sites :-

So, come on – act now! The benefits far outweigh the costs over time and your return on investment is very quick if you build your own solar panels.

You will feel great because you are helping to look after the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, you will have guaranteed electricity even when your neighbours experience a power outage! And there is NO or a much smaller energy bill at the end of the month either!


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