What’s the Latest in the World of Web Programming? Ruby on Rails and Cold Fusion

Looking at the latest developments in the world of web technology, Ruby on Rails and Cold Fusion are the buzzword today. But, at the same time, the already proven platforms like WordPress are improving their stronghold in the market as well. Here’s an insight to the Rails features. fusionblog

The rails automatically generates an MVC model which helps you to provide additional utilities like –

1. Customizable message conventional rules.
2. Product specific import/export.
3. Comments and other changes for traceability.

Apart from this, there are several other popular apps built on the robust platform of Ruby on Rails. Taking a look at the recent Open Source Content Management Systems that have surfaced up in recent times – RailFrog is one of the strongest contenders. omegawriter

Of course, WordPress is getting powerful than ever before, there is RailFrog that powers Twitter, and nobody needs to describe the robustness, flexibility and capability of Twitter – the micro-blogging engine; one of the most popular social networking platforms today.

So, gone are the good old days of web 2.0 and it is time to enter the 3.0 era, which will definitely bring about a drastic shift in the look-and-feel as well as operation of the web apps, websites and internet as a whole.

At the moment, not too many websites have bothered to shift to the web 3.0 styles, but some of the experienced players have already accepted this change and started incorporating whatever is necessary to survive in the web 3.0 era. And, this is just the beginning, there’s a whole lot to be unleashed! For more info please visit these sites :- https://bbcblogging.com/

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