It is so important to look after yourself especially when you are a busy saleswoman, on the road each day, handling customer and promoting your products.

Finding the time to do just that is often an issue as well but here are 5 things that are quick, easy and effective, able to be done during even the busiest woman’s day and with maximum effect. thebusinessdays

1. Stay hydrated. It is important it is to drink at least 8 cups of water throughout the day. Without enough water you can become tired, get headaches and even suffer from back ache. Have a bottle of water with you in the car, on your desk and in your bag so you can regularly sip to keep your fluids up. bareng88

Coffee and tea don’t count when you are adding up how much water you have drunk because they actually dehydrate you. The high you get from a caffeine drink is short lived and plays havoc with your sugar levels so you soon run out of energy again. So when having a break or catching up with clients order herbal tea instead of coffee or tea.

2. Eat regularly and snack on low GI foods, rather than reaching out for the high sugar content foods like chocolate or muesli bars. It is easy to skip meals when you are busy, especially if you have back to back appointments or your customers are only available at certain times of the day. But skipping meals is a sure fire recipe for disaster, guaranteed to make you feel tired in the afternoon and more prone to grab the wrong foods and drinks. storygame

Some good things to keep on hand are unsalted nuts and dried fruits. Apples and bananas and perfect, easy to carry and not messy so you can eat them on the run if necessary. Cheese cubes and crackers are good as well and having as many whole grain foods is best as well as they give you lasting energy rather than a short burst and then you are hungry again.

Making sure you have breakfast is important too. Things like oats, whole grain or kibble breads keep you going during the day and are better for you. Generally the higher the fibre, the lower the GI, the better the effect. sportsyearly

3. Take time out. This can be as simple as stepping out of the office or stopping the car between appointments and having even 5 minutes of “Me Time”. In that time either take a walk or sit and close your eyes but most importantly focus on your breathing.

Far too often we shallow breathe our way through our day and what happens then is we don’t get enough oxygen through our system and into the brain and when that happens we don’t think clearly . We start to feel tired and stressed. Yawning is real sign that we are not getting enough oxygen. knowledgehype

Remember deep breathing means breathing from your diaphragm. Breathe in deeply for 4 counts and hold it for 4 counts and then breathe out for 4 counts. If you do that for a few minutes you will be amazed at the effect. You WILL feel better!

4. Slow your brain waves down. During the day our brains are mostly in the beta state and that’s OK but to be more efficient and better able to handle problems we need to be able to get in the alpha state. Now we are naturally in that state when we just wake up or we are just going off to sleep, but we can’t just keep having naps all day, can we? So one of the easiest ways to access that state is listen to baroque music. Mozart or any relaxation CD is good. It has an instant effect on your brain waves. Keep a variety of music in your car and on your iPod and when you are out and about and particularly before an important meeting listen for a few minutes. Turn off the noise of the radio or tune out from the office banter and before you know it you’ll feel refreshed and ready for action. gossipcare

5. Keep a bottle of Evian water spray with you at all times and use it to spray your face and neck. It works well and gives you a fresh feeling especially on a hot day.


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