Franklin Wireless 4G Modem a Champ With Providing Wi-Fi Signal

Finally, I can say that I was able to access the Internet at the grandparents house, a low-tech enclave best known as a weekend getaway, along with a dose of tranquility. As relaxing as it is, there is no available Wi-Fi signal within range of the comfortable couches in the family room.  sokaworld

So the lack of being connected to the world was bothering us until I discovered the Franklin Wireless USB Modem from C Spire Wireless. Let’s bump it up a bit and make that a “4G LTE Smart” modem available on what C Spire calls the first “personalizing wireless services” experience. kinmagazine

This device is about the size of a pack of gum and comes with a round USB charger, which plugs into any electrical outlet. The wireless modem plugs into the charger. The entire setup is as simple as a doughnut.

In less than a minute, at least two of the three indicator lights will indicate a Wi-Fi signal with a red glow and, in my case, a 4G signal as a blue glow. Any 3G signal will show as a green glow. businesschamp

Surrounded by a family tree of photos of past generations from my wife’s family, it was time to bring a heavy presence of technology to the old homestead.

First up was a MacBook Pro that connected to the “C Spire 4G LTE Hotspot 3315” in the available Wi-Fi list with no problems. Then an iPhone 5 connected and was off and running on C Spire’s 4G network. The iPad was next in line, followed by an iPhone 4S. Again, no problems connecting. businesssalt

Since we were having a good time, I decided to go for five devices, which is the maximum number of connections for the Franklin Wireless hotspot modem.

Next on the runway was a Nook Color, my dependable e-reader that I thought might be the curve ball that the Franklin Wireless 4G modem would miss.

But it was another home run for the hotspot modem as my wife and I moved from device to device – enjoying a high-speed Internet connections at the grandparents place that we had wished for in past visits.

The Franklin Wireless modem is super easy to use. The hardest part was inserting the C Spire USIM card, as the sliding cover on the modem can be a little fussy.

The device is designed to turn on automatically when connected to a USB power source using the AC-to-USB adapter, a cigarette lighter USB charger or an external USB battery pack.

You’ll also need to keep in mind that no Wi-Wi password is set by default for the wireless modem and your precious signal will be open to everyone to enjoy. A password can be set by accessing the Web interface. For more info please visit these sites:-

The hotspot modem is listed as working with Windows XP through Windows 7 and Mac OS X. Windows XP users will need to install a Remote NDIS driver. I don’t have information on Windows 8 compatibility at this time.

I like this device and if you’re thinking about buying, it’s available online at for $29.99 with a two-year contract. Of course, you’ll have to choose a data plan to fit your needs.


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