News Releases That Generate Sales – Blurring the Line Between PR and Direct Response Marketing

Today’s news release can do a lot more than increase your company’s visibility. By adding a linking and keyword strategy to your PR campaign news releases can also generate sales.

To create “sales” optimized releases choose strong keywords and keyphrases to incorporate within the text, and add links back to your website.  Each time your news release is reproduced on the web the keywords and links it contains are reproduced as well.

Generating website traffic with backlinks

The links from your news release to your website (known as backlinks) are important for a number of reasons:  in addition to getting traffic directly from the release, they’re one of the factors used by Google to determine your website’s search engine ranking.

Google, for example, looks at the number of backlinks as well as where they’re coming from.  Because news websites (where most of your releases will be posted) have a high page rank, links from their sites to yours will give you a higher ranking.  The higher your ranking, the more likely it is that your prospects will see your site come up in their search results.

Plus, news websites have a lot of credibility.  When a prospect’s search result shows your news release on those sites your brand name gains instant credibility.

Build traffic and sales with keywords

“When relevant keywords are incorporated in the correct frequency and placement throughout the text, consumers and journalists are able to immediately retrieve your news and information based on their keyword searches.”

– PRNews

With the right keyword strategy, your news release can create interest for your brand, more traffic to your site, and ultimately, more sales for your products.

Before you begin writing your release, Know what keywords and keyphrases you’ll be using.  It’s difficult to infuse them into the news release after it has been written. If you do, chances are high that it will not read well.

For search engine purposes, its best to use keywords in the heading, subheads, and within the first 200 words.  Just be sure you don’t alter or diminish the tone or message by forcing keywords into the text.

When ranking a website, search engines also look at keywords used in hyperlinks, so, when possible, add them there as well.

More tips for creating “sales” optimized News Releases

Here are some additional tips to help optimize your news release:

Focus on the Reader

The release should focus on the reader by containing information that resonates with them.

Provide useful information

Give the reader useful tips and how-to information.  When possible, include a video.  Videos are not just a good way to explain information: they will get the release indexed in image search engines, thereby creating even more visibility for the release. For more info please visit these sites:-

Link to your news releases from your site

Post the news releases on your website and link to them from pages that have already been indexed by the search engines.

Track the results

To get the most from your PR campaign it’s important to track the results.


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