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Many people make their website but it takes long time to generate income from those websites. However, all internet marketers find press releases the instant way to generate traffic to the website. But it is really hard to submit news to lots of directories in one day without any particular software. Similarly, it is very hard to find software that fulfills all the requirements of the submitters including submission reports and keywords targeting. Here in this article, you will get a bridge to reach to the outstanding software that is used to submit article to hundred directories within minutes.

News Publisher is the only software that gives you ample features in one tool to submit news for efficient and easy internet marketing. What you need to do is to install it to your computer, enter basic information, and register to 100 top ranked website using this News Publisher. It will not only create accounts on these 100 websites, but also present report of registration and submission as well. You even not need to enter captcha codes because this software is made, keeping this problem into view. For more details please visit these sites:-

Along with registration confirmation, it also provides report of submitted news. For instance, you want to publish news to all of these websites with one click, you just need to paste the article and the software will automatically publish news to all of them with your name. Moreover, it also has feature of providing reports not only in html format, but also in pdf for the facility of the users.

Some of the wares that are used to submit news never support hyperlinks and that cause real problem for the submitter but News Publisher contains this exceptional feature in it as well. It not only supports hyperlinks but also recognizes the targeted keywords and used to to the relevant category with its keywords automatically. What’s more? It also follows the guideline castigated by every PR directory accurately that causes successful submission.

The providers have facilitated the users to have a free trial for limited time period for their satisfaction. Once installed, there is the feature of successful future updates in this software. It means you will come to know about other successful wares by the developer of News Publisher.


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