Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours – What You Need to Know

Taking a vacation in Las Vegas must include a visit to the extraordinary Grand Canyon. The best way to view one of the most engaging locations in the whole world is to enjoy it from the air. To glimpse this impressive giant gorge would be a memory of a lifetime. The best way to see the largest, deepest ravine in all of North America would be by taking a Grand Canyon helicopter ride.

First off, your primary task is to locate the best tour companies. I recommend doing a search on the web. How do you know if you’re dealing with a quality organization? Well, the premier ones are defined by 5-star customer service, state-of-the-art helicopters and a corps of decorated and highly trained pilots. Websites for these companies should also be accessible, functional and effortless to use as well as being extremely secure. The reasons for this will become clearer as you book on line to take advantage of their hot promotional specials.

The small size of helicopters gives them a decided advantage in reaching places that planes cannot. Choppers are small and can move horizontally and vertically. The importance of this is that they can take off from small heliports and are able to maneuver their blades in and around the steep clearance of any terrain.

Over the years, helicopter design and technology has advanced greatly. Helicopters are now equipped with low-sound engines, stacked-style seating and cabins that are one fourth larger than that of regular copters. These improvements ensure that every seat is a good one and you will have a special ride in the skies.

Departures from Tusayan, Arizona, home of Grand Canyon National Airport, go over the South Rim. Helicopter tours leaving from Las Vegas, NV, will cruise above the West Rim. Unfortunately, there are no connecting copter flights between the two places. Nor are there any non-stop flights from Vegas to the South Rim.

Only on the West Rim can landing-at-the-bottom tours be taken. It is highly recommended that visitors add a base-landing tour to their priority list. The other most famous flight includes the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which is a horseshoe-shaped bridge where the adventurous of spirit can walk until they are over the edge 70 feet. Only the brave should try this! For more details please visit these sites:-

South Rim flights go from Kaibab National Forest (South Rim) to the North Rim and back in about a half hour. Another trip of which I’m fond starts from Tusayan and includes the Unka delta and both the Zuni corridor and the Dragoon corridor. Flight time is approximately 50 minutes. Regardless of which you choose, you will not be disappointed.

The Grand Canyon is a huge place. The landmass itself is more than a million acres. The gorge in particular is a mile deep and it is estimated to be at least ten miles wide (18 miles at its most broad!). Running east to west through the National Park is the Colorado River. For 277 miles, this waterway winds its way through the chasm, splitting it into South Rim and North rim. Foot travelers only get to see a small portion of this beautiful area. Those who choose to see it by helicopter, however, see up to 50 percent more of this regal wilderness.


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