Yacht Charter in the Carribean

With more than seven thousand islands to discover, nft monkey it would take a lifetime to explore all parts of this region. However, while conventional hotel-based holidays offer their patrons only a rather limited glimpse, Caribbean yacht charters provide a fantastic means with which to witness a far greater part of this beautiful region.

There are many great locations to charter yachts in the Caribbean, but two of the most popular are the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the Grenadines. Whether you are interested in bareboat Caribbean Catamaran charters, or skippered yacht charter, you will find the full range of services in these locations.

In both of these locations you will find companies that offer services for both experienced and novice sailors alike. As such you will find a choice of bareboat, skippered, and luxury crewed yacht charter. You will also have to choose whether you want to cruise the Caribbean in a motor-boat or a sail-boat

Yacht Charters in the BVI (British Virgin Islands)

Located to the east of Puerto Rico, charteracatamaraninthebvi the British Virgin Islands form the northernmost part of the Lesser Antilles, the 400 mile long arc of mostly volcanic islands that separates the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean.

Thanks to steady trade winds and year round sunshine, the BVI are one of the most popular destinations for Caribbean yacht charter.

This really is a place to get away from it all, and as the Islands remain relatively uninhabited, you will often get the feeling that you have the Islands all to yourselves.

That is not to say that you will have any difficulty finding places to eat and drink, as there are plenty of great bars and restaurants to choose from. This is however a generally quiet and relaxed region and you won’t find the kind of nightclubs and casinos that have emerged in so many other beach resorts.

The pleasures in this part of the world are far more natural and you will find that the British Virgin Islands are a great destination for swimming, snorkelling and diving.

There are wonderful coves to explore, as well as many beautiful white sandy beaches. The most vibrant scenes, however, are to be found underwater where you will find countless colourful tropical fish swimming amongst the coral reefs.

You may also choose to explore one of the areas many ship-wrecks. The wreck of the RMS Rhone is located here and it is said to be one of the best in the Western Hemisphere.

Grenadines Yacht Charter

Located to the north of Trinidad, and forming the southernmost part of the Lesser Antilles, the Grenadines are another great destination for yacht charters in the Caribbean.

The Grenadines are comprised of around thirty islands and keys and offer good winds and swift line-of-sight sailing.

Like the British Virgin Islands, bostonhaikusociety the Grenadines are also a great destination for diving and snorkelling, and one of the most popular dive locations is the wreck of the Jonas which is located near Mustique.

You might also like to try your hand at drift diving, a special form of diving where you allow yourself to be carried by strong underwater currents. The sensation of drift diving has been likened to that of flying and the fact that you are travel so quickly means that you get to see far a far greater range of seascapes than normal.


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