Chemical Guys Miracle Dryer

The Chemical Guys Miracle Dryer is a super absorbent, extra soft, lint free drying towel that promises to give a complete streak huisentuinpassie and scratch free finish. It measures a huge 25 x 36 inches, is constructed from a dual pile weave which features a massive 300 000 strands per square inch and can hold up to ten times its own weight in water. The towel is made from an ultra premium blend of polyester & polyamide and the actual fibres themselves are precise split fibres with a spiral pattern which helps to give tossncook the best possible absorbency.

One side of the towel has longer fibres which are great for drying and locking any harmful stray dirt particles away from the surface of the paint while the other side has shorter, tighter fibres and is ideal for safely buffing off polish or wax residues and even cleaning windows. It also features a soft silk banded edge which runs all the way around the towel and eliminates the possibility daihatsu medan of any scratches being inflicted from ‘rough’ edges.

The idea of the Chemical Guys Miracle Dryer is that you are able to dry your whole car in one without having to stop to wring it out and this certainly seems to be the case. Obviously it will depend on the-cleanupguys the size of your car but for a small to medium sized car you should easily be able to complete the drying in one step and for larger sized vehicles you may require one ‘wring-out’ during the whole drying process which really is not bad at all.

The premium weave of the towel reduces friction between the surface of it and the paint which considerably helps to eliminate the chance of any light zmiiv scratches and swirl marks from being inflicted. The towel also helps to eliminate any drip marks as it effectively draws out any trapped water from in and around seals, badges and door mirrors for example.

The Chemical Guys Miracle Dryer is definitely one of the best drying/micro fibre towels available as it will save you time, make drying your car a much more pleasant and satisfying experience and will not damage your paintwork in the process. Add to that the fact it can united states daily globe be machine washed which will keep it in top condition and help to extend the life of it, it’s generally a superb product to own for both car cleaning amatures and professionals.


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