Gift Bags for Hard to Wrap Gifts

Gifts come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Many times these gifts are difficult to find boxes or even gift bags to place these gifts in. It is important to realize that one of the best item to use is a homemade fabric bag, giftbags custom made for the specific gift. Another key point is they can be recycled for other uses. In fact I have found out that making a bag to fit the gift is creative and fun to do.

Once you have decided to make the gift bag, these are the items you will need for the project; sewing machine, thread, pinking shears, fabric (enough to be larger than the gift), ribbon (optional) or make a tie from the fabric and a rubber band. Now you are ready to make the bag. gaming chairs

Finally you are ready to begin your adventure of creating a customized gift bag. Take the gift and place on the fabric, cut the piece long enough to extend about four to six inches above the gift,wide enough to have about two inches wider than the gift (cut out with pinking shears) Next with wrong side together( you will not need to turn the fabric when you have finished as the sides are “pinked”) raidersnewswire sew fabric about one inch from the edge sew sides bottom (unless it is cut on a fold) leaving top open. Place the gift in the bag gather the top of the bag and place rubber band on it to hold it in place, tie ribbon or piece of fabric around the rubber band. Take your pinking shears and cut strips in the top of bag above the bow. This is your special creation to give the gift in.

In addition to just making these for hard to make gifts, dani they can be made for any gift large or small gifts Further more they can be made for specific for special occasions by using the fabric designed for special occasions. For example: birthday, Christmas. anniversaries, baby showers etc. are most popular designs.

When the recipient receives this customized gift wrapped gift they are impressed. The bag is like receiving an extra gift. These bags are also recycled by the one who receives it. HD video downloader


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