How to Come Up With a Creative Name For Your Website, Blog, Or Business

In this article I will share some tips fancy name generator on how to come up with a creative blog name even if you’re not feeling very creative.

Think about what your website or blog is about. If you can, summarize what it’s about in a few short sentences, it will help. Come up with a list of 5-10 keywords that describe your niche or topic. Silent Disco

Go for a walk or step away from the computer and brainstorm potential name ideas using the keywords you have come up with. Think about local attractions 生意頂讓 that will associate you with your local neighborhood or town. Use your personal name or initials in the name. Combine words that sound like the real word but are spelled differently.

Combine your initials or your name 插花,花藝 with the keywords that describe your business. Your blog or website is your business so be proud of it and treat it like one. For example if you are a graphic designer, think about using your name accompanied with endings like Desktop Publishing, Design, Media, or Studios.

Use name generators to combine your name with other creative outdoor living words. One of my favorite tools to use when I cannot figure out a name is Musicians Friend’s Band Name Generator. Yes it is for band names but you can use it for coming up with a creative name for business too. I find that this Generator gives me some very creative names and stimulates my creativity and ideas.

Keep your name short. Usually three-word domains are the longest you want to use. One exception to this is using keywords to target traffic. For example, dryer repair san diego is long but it does target specific keywords. Using your keywords in the domain name can be beneficial. But if you are going for a broader niche or starting a company, its best to keep it at two or less words.

Be remarkable and unique ammo by using web 2.0 generators that will create fancy words out of ordinary words. Sometimes this can be successful. Look at Flickr or Yahoo. Also look at Squidoo and others that are web 2.0 names.

The bottom line is to create a short and remarkable name by combining keywords that describe your business and add a personal touch with words that could be your initials, kms auto your name, or a noun.

Below you will find a link to my blog which will show you all of the name generators on the web that will combine words for your. It’s like auto pilot naming… sort of. Be sure to check it out. For more info please visit here:-


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