HTC Mega a Handset That Offers Multiple Features

HTC is among those brands of mobiles that have been known to offer a number of models of mobiles. Inside the story Mega News Web The people who use this brand are pretty happy with the kind of features and applications they always come up with their devices. Among some most popular mobiles HTC Mega has also been found the model of choice among many people. The scepticisle

The handset is having some excellent features to offer the customers and the quality of features is surpassing the other brands. Real roles

Some unique and stylish attributes of HTC Mega

Camera is one of the most desired features that people look for and if that does not offer some fine images then it’s of no use. This handset has been designed with an inbuilt camera of 3.2 megapixels. Flex electricians The camera functions are improved with the availability of autofocus function.The zoom facility is also provided so as to allow a clear view to the images and pictures.The internet lovers would be glad to know the 3G enabled HSDPA application will allow the users with fast access to the web. Optimum Traders

Another great attribute of HTC Mega is that is has the facility to support the GPS navigation. This would allow the users to access various Google maps online and thus reach their destinations faster and that too without getting lost.The display features of mobile are also increasing the popularity of the device. The presence of OVGA type screen gives a good view. Lifes Vitals

The screen measures about 2.8 inches and is wide enough to give a wide and clear view. The screen resolution is about 240×320 pixels and the 65 k type colors in the device are giving excellent color quality to the viewers. For more info please visit these sites:-

The people who are looking forward to buy this device need not worry about the storage space. This mobile has been fabricated with an internal memory of 256MB apart from this the memory can be increased externally by using the micro SD/HD card slots.The QUALCOMM 7225 processor of 528 MHz offers a great speed to HTC Mega. It even has a Wi-Fi application supported thus allows easy and fast access to other users and net.


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